Over the last several days, several high-profile accounts, including those owned by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and artist Katy Perry, have been hacked.

The hacks, which arguably were hardest on Zuckerberg, who co-founded a social network and has long been a champion for security, shone a light on the major issue facing Internet users worldwide: Staying safe from hackers is extremely difficult.
In fact, one could argue that trying to avoid hackers is impossible, given the recent rash of hacks on everything from user credentials on LinkedIn to individual attacks on celebrities.
Still, for those who would like to increase their chances of sidestepping hackers and enjoy a modicum of privacy, eWEEK offers some tips to avoid becoming a victim of a hacker. While following these tips will not ensure safety, they could go a long way in reducing the chance that those who follow the rules will end up like Zuckerberg or musician Keith Richards (who had his Twitter account hacked this past weekend).