Security is a two-way street for both attackers and defenders, as both groups need security to ensure successful operations.

The concept of operational security, or OPSEC, is one that has existed for generations in both military and commercial contexts as a way to understand and organize the processes necessary to protect operations.
Security firm Digital Shadows has issued a new report, “The OPSEC Opportunity: Understand Adversary OPSEC to Improve Your Security Program,” which defines how enterprises can benefit from OPSEC approaches.

At the core of OPSEC is the basic goal of denying adversaries information that could be used to do harm to the individual or the organization.

Enterprises can benefit from an OPSEC approach, which structures a resilient and flexible security program that helps limit risks. Organizations also potentially can benefit from OPSEC weaknesses in attackers to better understand adversaries and ways to optimize security defenses.
In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at the key steps organizations can take to benefit from OPSEC.