Ransomware attacks are on the rise—more than 4 million examples of ransomware were identified in the second quarter of 2015, and that number is expected to increase throughout 2016.

The result: Many organizations are feeling helpless, wondering how to reduce their vulnerability.

These incidents can leave organizations flat-footed and defenseless, with little option but to pay up or lose access to sensitive data. However, the solution to ransomware is simple: A solid backup, even one made a few days before the ransom software is run, can be a sure-fire way to prevent your data from being held hostage, escalating to mission-critical stoppages.

The key is to make backup highly efficient and unnoticeable to end users, such that they are being protected without even knowing it.

This eWEEK slide show, based on information from Druva executives, as well as the company’s white papers, provides six simple steps you can leverage for a robust backup plan.

Following these steps will ensure you have a rock-solid backup routine in place.
In case a network or end user is compromised, your team will be less vulnerable and less likely to be forced to meet an attacker’s onerous demands. Rather, your team can take a defensive posture and quickly restore data from time-indexed copies.

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