Are you planning to cheer on your country’s athletes in-person at the Summer Olympics in Rio and need some discounted tickets? Maybe you can’t afford to travel there but would love to win a ticket lottery that would increase your chances of doing so? Perhaps you’re not planning to attend at all but would love to get your hands on some 2016 Rio Games merchandise to wear as you cheer from the convenience of your living room. Bad actors, fraudsters and cyber-criminals love big events and large crowds, especially the virtual kind.

As athletes and fans are preparing for the upcoming games, so are cyber-criminals as they loom in the background of the World Wide Web, waiting to take advantage of an everyday consumer or business when no one is looking.

As the summer games are fueling up to begin in the next couple weeks, eWEEK interviewed Heidi Bleau, principal integrated marketing manager at RSA, the security division of EMC, to get a handle on what scams are out there.

Bleau offered five examples of the more high-profile—and less-obvious—scams to keep your eye out for in your zeal to get your hands on Rio games tickets or merchandise.

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