It wasn’t all that long ago, when a 100G-bps distributed denial-of-service attack was an outlier.

Back in 2013, a DDoS of that size was considered one of the largest attacks ever. However, there have already been 274 DDoS attacks measuring 100G bps or higher in the first half of this year and 46 attacks were reported at 200G bps or higher, according to new research from Arbor Networks, the security division of NetScout.

The peak attack reported by Arbor so far in 2016 came in at 579G bps, significantly higher than the 2015 peak.

The overall average DDoS attack volume in the first half of 2016 now stands at 986M bps, and Arbor is forecasting the average for the full year to hit 1.15G bps. While attackers use many different technologies to achieve high levels of bandwidth, the most common approach is a Domain Name System (DNS) reflection attack.

For attacks more than 10G bps, the United States, France and the United Kingdom are the top targets, while overall across all DDoS attacks, the United States, Korea and China are the top-three targeted countries. eWEEK examines key takeaways from the study.

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