Updated RFE packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements are nowavailable.
The Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager is a centralized managementplatform that allows system administrators to view and manage virtual machines.The Manager provides a comprehensive range of features including searchcapabilities, resource management, live migrations, and virtual infrastructureprovisioning.The Manager is a JBoss Application Server application that provides severalinterfaces through which the virtual environment can be accessed and interactedwith, including an Administration Portal, a User Portal, and a RepresentationalState Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interface (API).Changes to the rhevm component:* Previously, cluster compatibility version upgrades were blocked if there was arunning virtual machine in the cluster. Now, the user is informed aboutrunning/suspended virtual machines in a cluster when changing the clusterversion.

All such virtual machines are marked with a Next Run Configurationsymbol to denote the requirement for rebooting them as soon as possible afterthe cluster version upgrade. (BZ#1356194)* Previously, when the Manager tried to prestart a VM from a VM Pool, it waspossible that a user could try to manually run the same VM at the same time.
Inthis case, the User Portal displayed an ‘Internal error’ message.

This issue hasnow been fixed so that it is not possible for a user to run the same VM that isbeing prestarted by the Manager at the same time. (BZ#1350403)* With this enhancement, support for SNMP v3 traps was added. RHEV-M is now ableto provide SNMP v2c and v3 traps. New SNMP related options which can be setalong with the default values can be found at:/usr/share/ovirt-engine/services/ovirt-engine-notifier/ovirt-engine-notifier.conf.(BZ#1348933)* Previously, administrator permissions were required to create a virtualmachine from a template that included custom properties or dedicated hosts.

Thismeant that users without administrator permissions were unable to create virtualmachines from a template that included custom properties or dedicated hosts.Now, users without administrator permissions are able to create virtual machinesfrom a template with custom properties or dedicated hosts, as long as the customproperties or dedicated hosts do not differ from those in the template.(BZ#1350223)* The Manager no longer sends Kernel Same-Page Merging (KSM) across nodes to RedHat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 hosts.

The Memory Overcommit Manager (MoM) wasenhanced to support KSM across nodes in Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.6.However, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 does not have the necessarydefaults for it, which means a Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.5 host’s MoMpolicy evaluation fails when the version 3.6 Manager is configured to use thehost in 3.5 compatibility mode. (BZ#1339126)* Previously, there was a race between the automatic startup of prestarted VMsin a VM pool and manual operations on VMs in the pool.

This caused some VMs tolose their disks while being returned to the VM pool. Now, the race has beenprevented, so disks are no longer removed when the automatic prestart mechanismis executed in parallel. (BZ#1348950)
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.6

    MD5: 1524da5784b89644c7695738835bed2aSHA-256: ae5c495e554ed00ea84d905c194e28b0258a6f67dab3d86a85ecb745a24c54b1
    MD5: e18e6e5a7c719d6a2c2aed58a166869fSHA-256: 5a7fa674d25e9227d1a1512cb9f44e9bcb87b29345eaea56dc67d40e76ee5d22
    MD5: df670b8286502681736cede433a48a2eSHA-256: d046a911f256bcf185f859971828023b171ecaa41f3580a287478bd96a3873cd
    MD5: 940f5269e6002a4ea8a3429d3f411f94SHA-256: 3c71e9b9b370272b1205036f2e61c0cc4635c794bd03fbc756d3b41752bdc549
    MD5: 082e7697e61c98706fbac60286e9a408SHA-256: 04cac4eedc1433c814535021734baa54978c13e7832ec8d8335600d8c513b911
    MD5: d158214a284e5d7fb7193fa2248e4aa2SHA-256: a0ebbfb0dd6322fb16f5134b0378f4a6447a1a0545506ab9cef283a8ae8b8263
    MD5: 99dd402df50d9d1989197c8f841fb977SHA-256: e4bfe79cce3d9baad43014a933fd410dec5ded4819fd4e9135c9a9fcd025d977
    MD5: 3f9da65c373009413309455254cb91f1SHA-256: 1b346d8e609f27d6c63ae396a9d282684156889488a077604d7e8a1da2aca4e2
    MD5: 3ee520f1a932275d5348af1f69e788a7SHA-256: 7e42fec88ab0aa46171e8710bc677500a185048b4a1da2f6700865893f4ad2a5
    MD5: 3b6fc145fd75e416cfd691f750562522SHA-256: 84002f9943be8aa22ad7ba144f4dd850fb60cfc89c847b971a45160b20602499
    MD5: b0c8ac797da0edcbcda239857861a130SHA-256: e79aaabb498136492b07a87e9d347f91b948eca272992cfab66872f8294c49a5
    MD5: b64268c7391c21ef114020caa0c2b08aSHA-256: ccfc4e4831af25fc9fdd2bd410baf269031924001c301165ff5c72e42a629770
    MD5: 2b160d0a710fe9ad627e5c1270375d98SHA-256: 1fd11841398d8ccca27f3248fba8eed78bded005c3603644b40952d97f36c643
    MD5: 2873e6238ff61721adb43f4d5c4841a5SHA-256: 8157af34a873d6e27d94a03557df2591ca6df691cb57a5d78ae74e40f51ab2a9
    MD5: cf0fb807b32b6bcc8a460385e944cb47SHA-256: 06ae89e4c1722289832928d5dc9a370cc36d6b877461cfc5dcb1571e67632108
    MD5: 105f0cc16310eafff4483b82cc6ada4bSHA-256: 011a896501ed3f4acd8bd319397772cb3eacebe8523c31e85ea4edab205d8848
    MD5: 88ecfb0a21123b9d2c5e43bf9ee909e2SHA-256: 59e0aa8ba328f5b0416d49961da2b7483d7b117779df405c4889ce4f0e2b08be
    MD5: 5d0dafb2045dc43bb2470eb0e298f71eSHA-256: 506b99d9addd6720b1bc86865d9df51fce675b48857cac50d0683e3d9657ac57
    MD5: e7985936ef95bf0905e3b65550d75419SHA-256: 8df3d790378708ad7d49c4ec45b3141c1269a2cd4596c210ace903e7401dd592
    MD5: 7c1b1a429e70a9e2d5c7af8e5358416dSHA-256: b6e3704177648cbc13a8d1769b47e637e951ebe562c25d754963280b46704b4b
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1149701 – [scale] scheduling on large scale setup running too long, impact on single start vm1339126 – mom.log shows “undefined symbol ksmMergeAcrossNodes” continuously if connected to RHEV-M 3.61340932 – [z-stream clone 3.6.8] It’s possible to remove inherited permissions from Everyone’s group1345779 – [downsream clone – 3.6.8] If connection issues happened, fallback to XMLRPC protocol is much faster than expected1346247 – Not getting all-content for /api/clusters/search1347337 – [downstream clone – 3.6.8] Host deploy fails (from time to time!) on KeyExchange signature verification failed1348449 – [downsream clone – 3.6.8] satellite 6.2 changed katello API, incompatible with RHEV 3.6.71348920 – [z-stream clone – 3.6.8] Can’t assign static ip for a network that is attached to the same interface as the management network1348933 – [z-stream clone – 3.6.8] [RFE] RHEV Manager support for SNMPv3 traps1348950 – [z-stream clone – 3.6.8] Pool VM loses its disk during reinitialisation after shutdown.1350223 – [downsream clone – 3.6.8] User can’t create a VM. No permission for EDIT_ADMIN_VM_PROPERTIES1350403 – [z-stream clone – 3.6.8] User portal reports Internal error when taking a pool VM1350767 – [z-stream clone – 3.6.8] [SCALE] DB deadlock in updatedisk_image_dynamic_by_disk_id_and_vm_id, slowing down engine.1356194 – During cluster level upgrade – warn and mark VMs as pending a configuration change when they are running

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