PoS issues? It’s not like consumers have any control

This is the first week of our “Podcast Idol” competition at our weekly tech-cast – with Fred “Spike” Nix, Ed Saiptech and special guest, John Williams, President of Reduxio.

This week the group discusses Delta’s power outage, AWS at the top of Public Cloud and Oracle’s data breach.
Here are the details…
(0:00) Podcast Idol, Week 1: Fred Nix
(9:38) Ed’s wedding recap
(12:15) Introducing John Williams, President of Reduxio
(24:08) Delta suffers power outage, where’s the cloud?
(27:40) AWS is the big dog of IaaS Cloud
(29:55) The Gartner game and startups
(32:39) Gartner also tackles Enterprise File Sync-n-Share tools
(36:25) Krebs: Oracle gets hit with data breach
(38:08) Layered security and preventing ransomware
Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.
Speaking in Tech: Episode

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