Ransomware is rapidly becoming a common and effective tactic of cyber-attackers.
Various vertical industries, particularly health care, have been affected significantly.

A Southern California hospital that had to pay $17,000 to get its patient records back was a particularly well-known example of this.
In these types of ransomware attacks, institutions’ data is locked, slowing down workflow and ultimately preventing patient care.
It is important to ensure that IT organizations are well-prepared for such an attack with a multi-faceted security plan. Many organizations are unaware that there are existing backup and disaster recovery features that would also provide a viable solution for recovery from ransomware.

This eWEEK slide show, based on insight from Shiva Shankar, senior director of product/solution marketing at storage and data security specialist Exablox, defines ransomware, explains the evolution of the term and offers guidelines on how IT should protect against this growing threat.

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