A RUSSIAN CHAP is on trial for his alleged involvement in $170m worth of fraudulent credit card purchases.
Roman Seleznev is the son of a Russian lawmaker, which might make things awkward.

The US wants him, and is starting a jury trial this week.
Seleznev faces a 40-count indictment for allegedly masterminding a multi-company hacking organisation that took millions of dollars from many victims.

He was indicted in 2014 along with Sergei Nicolaevich Tšurikov and others.

Tšurikov has already been sentenced.
“A leader of one of the most sophisticated cyber crime rings in the world has been brought to justice and sentenced,” said US attorney Sally Quillian Yates in an FBI report at the time.
“In just one day in 2008, an American credit card processor was hacked in perhaps one of the most sophisticated and organised computer fraud attacks ever conducted.
“Almost exactly one year later, the leaders of this attack were charged.

This prosecution was successful because of the efforts of the victim, and unprecedented cooperation from various law enforcement agencies worldwide.”
The credit card processor was RBS WorldPay, and the mayhem lasted for a month.

Financial outfits usually lose that kind of money only when it comes to dishing out worker bonuses.
Seleznev was injured in an explosion at a café and has undergone some years of surgery and recovery.
We bet he felt really positive about the future when he was given the all clear from the doctors.
Still, at least he will be well used to institutional food. He now faces a federal jury trial, to which 11 further counts have been added since 2014’s proceedings.
Associated Press reported that the trial is expected to last for two weeks, but Seleznev is low on English and will need an interpreter, so we can probably add a day or two to that estimate.
Others from the same gang have already felt the pinch of the law on their collars. µ

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