New Solution Combines Shavlik Protect with AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Insight to Keep Corporate Data from Being Held HostageLondon, UK August 16, 2016 – AppSense, the leading provider of User Environment Management solutions for the secure endpoint, today announced Endpoint Security Suite 2.0.

The first combined solution to result from the LANDESK acquisition of AppSense, the new product suite combines Shavlik Protect with AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Insight to meet five critical measures to mitigate malware and ransomware attacks, described by the SANS Institute as the ‘First Five.’ Together, these solutions deliver the application control, privilege management, patch management and reporting organisations need for effective endpoint security.
“All experts agree that prevention is the best defense against malware and ransomware threats,” said Jon Rolls, Vice President, Product Management, AppSense. “Nowhere in today’s infrastructure is that more critical than the endpoint.

By combining the power of AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Insight with the comprehensive patch management enabled by Shavlik Protect, we’re delivering the industry’s only solution that addresses all five threat mitigation strategies on the SANS Institute ‘First Five’ list.

As a result, we can uniquely enable businesses to protect customer and corporate data from being compromised, stolen or held hostage.”
According to the SANS Institute, the first five critical security controls for an effective cyber defense system include:
Software whitelisting
Secure standard configurations
Application security patch installation within 48 hours
System security patch installation within 48 hours
Administration privilege restriction when users are browsing the web or handling email
Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 delivers a unified solution that supports each of these five key controls to enable organisations to protect precious data assets against external threats from malware and ransomware as well as intentional and unintentional user actions.

Application Manager contributes application control, image protection, privilege management, and file integrity checking; Protect delivers patch installation and management; and Insight reports on admin rights ownership and end user behavior.

By combining these capabilities, the suite plays a key role in a layered approach to corporate information security.
“By providing Shavlik Protect together with AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Insight, LANDESK is demonstrating its commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions that enable an efficient, secure, endpoint infrastructure to safely power business productivity,” said Rob Juncker, Vice President of Engineering, LANDESK. “This is the first in a series of solutions which will leverage the combined innovation of AppSense, Shavlik and LANDESK to solve an urgent market need.”
Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 delivers key features for comprehensive endpoint protection so that organisations can:
Prevent unknown executables from launching
Track non-compliant end user behavior over time or by user
Enforce regulatory compliance and license control
Make endpoint security decisions that are guided by production data, not guesswork
Locate idle or unpatched desktops that may not have had patches applied for an extended period
Simplify and automate the patching process while eliminating manual steps to Windows and third-party software with minimal intervention
The Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 is available now through AppSense and Shavlik sales channels.
It will be showcased during VMworld in Barcelona, October 17th to 20th in the AppSense and Shavlik booth.
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