For a long time, encryption was like drinking prune juice or taking castor oil for employees in an enterprise—they only used it when they absolutely had to. Not so anymore.

Encryption for data storage and email security is now almost mainstream within enterprises, largely because: a) internal and cyber-security issues are at an all-time high and b) security companies have been working hard to make encryption and key management easier to use.
Still, encryption has suffered in the past from persistent myths about how it can be used and deployed, such as worries about losing control of encryption keys, slowing down hardware performance as well as potential complexity of deployment.

These myths and false perceptions do not reflect the capabilities of encryption offerings in 2016.

This eWEEK slide show, based on the longtime industry experience of Eric Chiu, co-founder and president at HyTrust, provides guidance on the reality of using encryption to secure critical data across the business.

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