It might be a bit late in the Northern Hemispheric summer for a story about vacation travel, but a story about careful connectivity whenever one travels is always useful. People are certainly not going to discontinue wireless connectivity for their mobile devices, and when travel and WiFi intersect, there is great opportunity for security issues to arise.

Atop most checklists for a memorable trip, wherever it may take you, is staying connected throughout. We expect connectivity anywhere, at any time, but how we connect isn’t always clearly understood.

From mobile roaming and data plans to hotel WiFi, travelers should do their research before taking off. Hackers have been feasting for years on unsophisticated travelers all over the world by deploying networks.
In this eWEEK slide show, Dirk Gates, founder and executive chairman of wireless network provider Xirrus, shares some tips about how international voyagers can connect, keep costs down and ensure their data is secure when traveling.

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