If you’re pursuing a career in IT security, certifications can only help you.

Certification-critics often say a certification means nothing, and acumen and experience are the true differentiators, but as a holder of dozens of IT security certifications, I beg to differ.
So do employers.
A particular certification is often the minimum hurdle to getting an one-on-one in-person job interview.
If you don’t have the cert, you don’t get invited. Other times, having a particular certification can give you a leg up on competing job candidates who have similar skill sets and experience.
Every certification I’ve gained took focused, goal-oriented study — which employers view favorably, as they do with college degrees. More important, I picked up many new skills and insights in IT security while studying for each certification test.
I also gained new perspectives on even familiar information I thought I had already mastered.
I became a better employee and thinker because of all the certifications I have studied for and obtained. You will too.
Security is more important to computing and the internet than ever before, and the following, well-respected security certs will not only help you stand out from the crowd but also make you a more valuable member of the IT security community.

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