Every organization has users and IT accounts that are considered to be “privileged.” These privileged accounts have access to a wide array of systems, applications and processes that, if breached, represent a nontrivial amount of potential harm for a victimized organization.

The BeyondTrust 2016 Privilege Benchmarking Study surveyed 548 IT professionals that are involved with privileged access management to gauge how different companies handle the issue.

The study asked respondents multiple enumeration questions about their practices and then scored them against industry best practices, dividing respondents into top-tier and bottom-tier groupings.

Among the big differences identified in the study between the top and bottom tiers is the use of an enterprise platform for managing privileged access.

The majority (78 percent) of top-tier organizations have an enterprise solution, while 39 percent of bottom-tier organizations do not.
In this slide show, eWEEK takes a look at some of the highlights of the BeyondTrust 2016 Privilege Benchmarking Study.

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