Updated docker-latest packages that fix several bugs and add variousenhancements are now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Extras.
Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment of any applicationas a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtuallyanywhere.The docker-latest packages contain docker version 1.12.0.This update also fixes the following bug:* Previously, when setting up “mqueue” type SELinux labels, an incorrectordering of operations caused containers to fail to start when namespaces wereenabled.

To fix this bug, the “mqueue” label is no longer used when namespacesare enabled, and containers now started successfully. (BZ#1343139)Users of docker-latest are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, whichfix several bugs and add various enhancements.
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Enterprise Linux Extras (v. 7)

    MD5: 11ad2888df75c2dde13767d23d2ad4cfSHA-256: 951172c2d9c8caa4d129707b7f1e81c255733374eaa31535e88d8726c1aa56dc
    MD5: 9fee8e4d0d91198b5336759841955587SHA-256: 6be3ecd3fa1ad9467ecf21a65b41a6d4013c569495fdd16d116fdd31fcdb263e
    MD5: 128b1e3d0164f1e61e99e8c3515569a5SHA-256: aa899955e2a31183111da11622c3b063271a545ec17fe356d1f6e86481e81616
    MD5: 198a86ecc9ae37fa2631d81eabf461a2SHA-256: d7c704200aa348b790b4dd1a62e4c5f029a3096c5af52aad660be4f79e56b1da
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

1362670 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker-1.12: exec: “docker-proxy”: executable file not found in $PATH.1364509 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] ship docker-latest with v1.12.1 + projectatomic patches1365207 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker daemon fails to start: “/usr/bin/dockerd-latest” requires 0 arguments1366405 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker-runc and runc duplication1367854 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker should require package subscription-manager-plugin-container, not subscription-manager1367927 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] Run Docker daemon in slave mount namespace1368217 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker-latest fails to start: flag provided but not defined: -shim1368267 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker-latest-1.12 daemon crashes unrecoverably1368284 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] docker-latest 1.12: unexpected cgroup names1369237 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] Docker storage setup should detect overlay2 driver correctly1371266 – [extras-rhel-7.2.7] Docker daemon returns header text/plain instead of application/json

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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