In application development, build it in
Promo Earlier this week we ran a live broadcast looking at how to build security into your application development process. You can watch it here.
The key theme was this: The world has moved on in terms of how applications are created and deployed.

Two-year development cycles are being replaced by fast-moving integrated processes delivered by integrated teams.

But in the new normal of continuous delivery, is security keeping up? The answer is not as clear cut as many would like, as the old principles need a refresh — from the outsider threat, development teams need to ensure that they do not become the enemy within.
If it does not sufficiently account for security, the development process itself can become the weakest link in the chain.
Our own Jon Collins steered the discussion while Dale from Freeform Dynamics, John from Veracode, and a rack of live attendees explored how best practice is evolving, which industries are doing better, what common mistakes are still being made and what tools are now available.
It was a revealing and interesting affair which you can now watch at your leisure right here.

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