This is the Six-Month notification for the retirement of Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 4 Extended Life Cycle Support Add-On (ELS).

This notification applies onlyto those customers subscribed to the Extended Life Cycle Support (ELS) channelfor Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.
In accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata Support Policy, ExtendedLife Cycle Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 will be retired as of March31, 2017, and active support will no longer be provided.

Accordingly, Red Hatwill no longer provide updated packages, including Critical impact securitypatches or Urgent priority bug fixes, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 ELS afterMarch 31, 2017.
In addition, on-going technical support through Red Hat’s GlobalSupport Services will be limited as described under “non-current minor releases”in the Knowledge Base article located at after this date.We encourage customers to migrate from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to a morerecent version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

As a benefit of the Red Hatsubscription model, customers can use their active subscriptions to entitle anysystem on any currently supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux release.Details of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle can be found here:
This advisory contains an updated redhat-release package, that provides a copyof this end of life notice in the “/usr/share/doc/” directory.Red Hat Enterprise Linux ELS (v. 4)

    MD5: 12dec3cdb1746c9cd45f1091dce56674SHA-256: ad48f4075569582f9636430868f62ebf531211a4df9c218e1cd5b50332237056
    MD5: 00e293117c19341b4444495e2c388445SHA-256: c70a29528466ebe1443d05b85174c14a6d2914f43beab1e3d1adb1efcfda02b1
    MD5: b3c6dfee68ac1a12a9e0eeb5105bea6aSHA-256: 9e9d396040af4f32cb5a003287f154a3845163655c7fdd792666d0bebb536935
    MD5: 390fee708defc7147f647a7fa4ec6d51SHA-256: 918d6015d944b865798c28f23cc64a265836424dd45a2cfb0f833e33b02a3c08
    MD5: 61ba45d679345bb49ca598e6a047b6efSHA-256: 06b833b8a9bebc2d28ac26686cd1df0b15747be016920c9aef877ff0b3340b77
    MD5: 298c38cbf3dd2189076c01f2b8b11735SHA-256: 1cf79fd1a40c737d8da2f2af17533547b3217ef68d4b8740f04b1edff84cd91f
    MD5: 89a2ed6305646d679026c5fa6bb7a3ceSHA-256: 7140c83d7c9b2751d13a5bf3df39ade87f6b006e1d4fe2888b10d1ffcf4afe9b
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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