This is the Six-Month notification for the retirement of Red Hat EnterpriseLinux 7.1 Extended Update Support (EUS).

This notification applies only to thosecustomers subscribed to the Extended Update Support (EUS) channel for Red HatEnterprise Linux 7.1.
In accordance with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Errata Support Policy, ExtendedUpdate Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 will be retired as of March 31,2017, and support will no longer be provided.

Accordingly, Red Hat will nolonger provide updated packages, including Critical impact security patches orUrgent priority bug fixes, for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 EUS after March 31,2017.
In addition, technical support through Red Hat’s Global Support Serviceswill be limited as described under “non-current minor releases” in the KnowledgeBase article located at after thisdate.We encourage customers to migrate from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 to a morerecent version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

As a benefit of the Red Hatsubscription model, customers can use their active subscriptions to entitle anysystem on any currently supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux release.Details of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux life cycle can be found here:
This erratum contains an updated redhat-release-server package that provides acopy of this retirement notice in the “/usr/share/doc/” directory.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server EUS (v. 7.1)

    MD5: c59e5364d092b5e33e2e08cb6ff046f4SHA-256: 652c31b128400f11d6bb65bbe149c934140fac8d339a9faa2b80c159bc7e3e2a
    MD5: bde23747ec579f708375b6e13336241dSHA-256: a4804db8d86a2565a5640da5571a180fff5ef802b5f2cb4b52a18606aa58b47f
    MD5: 537038795c457a27303a8934309e1fe3SHA-256: b30da3c16fe21571d12f7a4ce251c9bd953d7090966b4a79b480b433c31f1bc6
    MD5: d0daeb980156ad0d9b472ffc3fe957c9SHA-256: 3dced0d336344588dcc2348bcfc62b9b03c53c2256ea819f03a77e0b81651c60
    MD5: 9d1e00ff13db671139dc1696f9268ca5SHA-256: 5b4c4be89d6e85fe847793c016798a597b6d0b373ae4526ed27f274a1c41b807
    MD5: 960d1177e1fc4f8aab9c5f62c0119487SHA-256: 926f24189a1b636199e9a5a2554102b35356376c12d160a3aa85c824ccf3c21b
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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