An update for python-django is now available for Red Hat Enterprise LinuxOpenStack Platform 6.0 (Juno) for RHEL 7.Red Hat Product Security has rated this update as having a security impact ofModerate.

A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) base score, which gives adetailed severity rating, is available for each vulnerability from the CVElink(s) in the References section.
Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid developmentand a clean, pragmatic design.
It focuses on automating as much as possible andadhering to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle.Security Fix(es):* A CSRF flaw was found in Django, where an interaction between Google Analyticsand Django’s cookie parsing could allow an attacker to set arbitrary cookiesleading to a bypass of CSRF protection.
In this update, the parser for”request.COOKIES” has been simplified to better match browser behavior and tomitigate this attack. ”request.COOKIES” may now contain cookies that areinvalid according to RFC 6265 but are possible to set using ”document.cookie”.(CVE-2016-7401)Red Hat would like to thank the upstream Django project for reporting thisissue.
Red Hat OpenStack 6.0 for RHEL 7

    MD5: c9b37f6c6f32ea4e08aee624d237b20bSHA-256: b8c29b2c29937824d1b8e2ceef19e76b0a5691008261ca12cb16dc31e0c61f05
    MD5: 95441f454ea220f5ad1644a14a32553bSHA-256: bfd02cbdaa8be4298909d52530a829ebd1863002665e250a7b6368870a220a14
    MD5: f76728a00453b5ce1348580b7e9e8a7aSHA-256: b37b8eed378e9ac1820e4c097f1efe645fbebdff481ce50f467ec528b954bfd3
    MD5: ce1a762835bbf402faa9f92276fcadfaSHA-256: c131c00ca6053a18086175133a88b6f96705f8052d869b3cdf7c69b156f2d5dd
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1377376 – CVE-2016-7401 python-django: CSRF protection bypass on a site with Google Analytics

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