In October, most people look forward to pumpkin carving, changing weather and, if you’re Canadian, Thanksgiving.

But for those in the security world, October also is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Business email compromise has cost companies $3.1 billion since January 2015, and consumer email phishing is at an all-time high. Most people don’t question the “from” field in the emails they receive, and they should become more aware of it.
Secure email gateway and email authentication defenses like DMARC (Domain-based Authentication Reporting and Conformance) are the best way to protect employees and customers. Unfortunately, no matter how sophisticated your company’s email strategy is, some phishing emails will make it to the inbox.
Verizon found that 30 percent of targeted recipients open phishing messages and 12 percent click on malicious email attachments.

A critical piece of an email security strategy must be education.
In this eWEEK slide show are Verizon’s top 10 tips for identifying a phishing email; you should share them with your employees and your customers.

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