Oftentimes, companies find themselves taking a defensive approach to cyber-security as they struggle to keep up with the latest threats and attack strategies. However, a well-defined security policy and posture plays a vital role in driving business success. With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and with the NFL football season in full swing, enterprises should consider taking a page from team playbooks and determine an offensive security strategy. Just like football players have specific roles to help their team achieve its goals, security teams take on the same design, with specific employees each contributing to refine security strategies.
Security solutions and policies should be implemented to help companies advance, not retreat.

And line-of-business managers can be empowered to act as quarterbacks when executing offensive business strategies, all while protecting the football (their company’s data).

This eWEEK slide show, based on conversations with Citrix executives, further examines how different members of the enterprise ecosystem can contribute to flipping the traditional security approach on its head and use security to score by playing offense rather than limit security to defense, to advance the overall business.

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