No matter what the size or scope of your company, in which industry you operate or how many resources you have at your disposal, you have something in common with every other organization on today’s market. Your business data is in danger.
Security threats are becoming more intelligent and more likely to hit close to home.

Even small and mid-size businesses and non-profits have felt the sting of a network hack.
It’s easy to feel as if you’ll never catch a break in the growing risk landscape, or at least that you’ll never catch the attackers perpetrating threats. Yet you can still secure your data and protect your company, customers, partners and colleagues. You simply need to consistently follow some guidelines on implementing the proper security defenses.

This eWEEK slideshow, with industry information provided by a longtime security expert, Fadi Albatal, Senior Vice-President of marketing at Above Security, offers 10 tips about can help your team stop freaking out and start protecting sensitive data.

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