Virgin also advising customers knocked offline
An ongoing software update bug on Windows 8 and 10 appears affecting users of several UK ISPs, with Virgin Media the latest provider to admit the problem is knocking a number of its customers offline.
The problem first emerged last week, when BT and Plusnet admitted that computers running Microsoft’s newer operating systems are losing network connectivity due to what appears to be a problem with Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

In a forum updated yesterday, Virgin Media advised that some Windows 10 users were experiencing difficulty connecting to the internet after installing the latest update.
“Microsoft are aware and investigating,” it said.
One reader, Adam Comben, got in touch with The Register to report: “We have a retail repair shop and have seen around 25 instances of this since Thursday.
“It doesn’t matter what ISP or router they’ve been using – We’ve had TalkTalk, BT, Plusnet, Sky, you name it – All with the same problem, will not obtain an IP via DHCP.”
He said the issue is definitely a DHCP problem caused by a broken Windows Update, “although we’ve not been able to identify the cause it’s an extremely quick fix.”
He added: “It’s caused a great deal of disruption for our business customers as it required a site visit for those we couldn’t talk through it on the phone.”
The cause of the bug is so far unclear, although Plusnet has blamed an unspecified “third-party update”.

The main issue appears to be a recent Windows Update release – but it is hard to tell which one is at fault.
The Register has contacted Microsoft for an update. ®
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