Security professionals have a tough job, tasked as they are with keeping hackers out and limiting the chances of data breaches.

But results of the 19th annual Ernst & Young Global Information Security Survey study, released Dec. 14, show their efforts may not be enough.

Ernst & Young interviewed 1,735 IT professionals around the world to get a better understanding of the challenges and expectations of security professionals.

Among the high-level findings is that 86 percent of respondents hold the view that their cyber-security efforts have not fully meet their organization’s needs.

But while that number is high, it’s actually a slight improvement from 88 percent of respondents last year.

There also is a corresponding lack of confidence in cyber-security systems among 87 percent of C-level executives and board members.

Among the security gaps identified by the survey, 44 percent of surveyed organizations reported not having a security operations center (SOC). On a more positive note, security budgets are increasing, with just over half (53 percent) of EY’s 2016 respondents reporting higher security budgets over the past 12 months. Notably, however, those budgets are not rising in direct response to any specific security incident.
In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some of the key highlights of the EY Global Information Security Survey 2016-17.

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