Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise release 2.2.11 is now available with updatedpackages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements.
OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is the company’s cloud computingPlatform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution designed for on-premise orprivate cloud deployments.This update fixes the following bugs:* The routing daemon (RD) can now be configured with multiple F5 BIG-IP hosts.During F5 configurations, the RD tries to connect to the first configured host.If it fails, it retries each successive host until it connects to a host orexhausts its host list.

The RD now correctly sends a NACK response to ActiveMQwhen operations fail.

ActiveMQ redelivers the message, causing the RD to retry.The RD’s communication with ActiveMQ, logging of errors, and handling of errorresponses from F5 BIG-IP improved.

This enables the RD to continue operationwith the F5 BIG-IP cluster even if the RD loses contact with the cluster,improving the RD’s behavior when multiple instances are run in a clusteredconfiguration.

The RD is more resilient against losing contact with individualF5 BIG-IP hosts in a cluster of F5 BIG-IP hosts and functions better when run ina clustered configuration.

The RD elicits fewer error responses from F5 BIG-IPand provides better logs, making error diagnosis easier. (BZ#1227472)* Users can now allow the provided database connection helper functions mysql(),psql(), and mongo() to be overwritten.

This allows users to overwrite the helperfunctions to easily connect to external databases. Users can now define mysql(),psql(), and mongo() functions in their $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR/.bash_profile, whichcan be used within an SSH connection to a gear. (BZ#1258033)* HAProxy cookies were inconsistently named. Requests to an HA application werenot always being routed to the correct gear.

This fix changes the cookie naminglogic so that the cookie name reflects which back-end gear is handling therequest.

As a result, all back-end HAProxy gears should now return the samecookie name and the requests should be properly routed to the correct back-endgear. (BZ#1377433)* EWS Tomcat 7 can now be configured on nodes to use either EWS 2 or EWS 3channels, allowing an administrator an option of what EWS version the EWS 2cartridge deploys.

This option was enabled to allow administrators to takeadvantage of the EWS 3 lifecycle and security or bug updates that it receivescompared to the maintenance lifecycle that EWS 2 is currently receiving.Administrators have options or can mix and match EWS versions (with nodeprofiles) on what Tomcat version is installed when an EWS 2 cartridge iscreated. (BZ#1394328)* The new version of PIP (7.1.0) no longer accepted insecure (HTTP) mirrors.Also, PIP attempted to create and then write files into the .cache directory,which users do not have permission to create post-installation.

As a result,Python dependencies failed to be installed.The default PyPi mirror URL is now updated to use a secure connection (HTTPS).The directory .cache is created during installation in advance so it can be usedlater by PIP. With this fix, Python dependencies can be fetched from the PyPimirror and installed properly. (BZ#1401120)* When using a gear’s UUID in the logical volume name, a grep in the oo-acceptnode caused oo-accept-node to fail.

The grep was fixed with this update. Usingthe gear UUID in the logical volume name no longer causes oo-accept-node tofail. (BZ#1401124)* Previously, moving a gear with many aliases reloaded Apache for each alias.The excess aliases caused the gear move to timeout and fail. With this fix, agear move will now update Apache once with an array of of aliases instead ofupdating after each alias. (BZ#1401132)* Previously, node-proxy did not specify to use cipher order, so the order didnot matter when using a custom cipher order.

This fix makes the node-proxy honorthe cipher order.

Custom cipher orders will now take the cipher order in accountwhen choosing a cipher. (BZ#1401133)All OpenShift Enterprise 2 users are advised to upgrade to these updatedpackages.
Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise 2

    MD5: 7ec16aed5fc59ed2890c39c512535506SHA-256: 684678600d7a39ada09613e3e8f2131ff1c0302d9e3041a187cebf76675ecaaa
    MD5: a1f1449b05688c5a980633d6c7d944f3SHA-256: 2929f1d04ea76635016830e108b098bbada8b45efc7bb53c73eb445ab77c830a
    MD5: 3dcfe8900468bbf667affe2bf00a696eSHA-256: 4d29292623e415e1d5775a3f7e097d7f6a6c315d66c2a29b68e806788180ce2d
    MD5: d997b5a2ad85f8d336f207978d7bd6a3SHA-256: 8894b0fdc2fb0a033626bbbd4e1ccb2eaeb3b3b8f9fb6b3d6c3904077f3d1d0c
    MD5: 0a9ef5709ecdb7a38e2fb62c5be21a3dSHA-256: 5be7a48d2364bc0448f88d6a63a5be81270902695d674466c3a36d8fc5c6062c
    MD5: de83fb1a8228c3965286c5ec20162e32SHA-256: 832c41d74199362210989ef8c73b6e463f9116d23e3b934107f6135106e9e5a5
    MD5: 16a356b09fa38aeb1c0dd6077b9170c6SHA-256: c6fcb52c44e805b4a2d3bd52845d3aae477a15cc9b3eadea8db4d92cff6b9cb8
    MD5: e8dd00e793be08b117ac994405b260b4SHA-256: 09b5e3a38406ed813841204b7247faa840cdf9e5bc031b1acf4ae4e6ddf3ebb1
    MD5: 84be2c2e546dcf2d5e1c00f482347865SHA-256: d8e741d5123a3b4702c431f61e2e4f19415268f15536c8aeb4d4148a113f0fda
    MD5: 78a15fbefa3e00fe25cd350b59195172SHA-256: 9e414c68803f45a0ec50a0a7f700bb80c168401ca3038310c45f624e33eb6354
    MD5: 21ef886a44b03c688d48846fed34b974SHA-256: aeddbeafb1f58d2b2349ad5fa97fe3f5188bf5b905e0938aa3169bfe0746fdde
    MD5: 1744e26a273c397078b83ea4946f7836SHA-256: c039f8d023321d8eed0c09b123b171f27c866860705d45aa05b85f82faedf346
    MD5: 2014a606a47b5e5491341a1381f83ccfSHA-256: c211f0dd8c3efba9d8f2840a7e418f2096dbfbb47f13a8ec7cf7929e38e6162f
    MD5: 74e50b025859ef9d22efaea0771d1dfaSHA-256: e9fac95a23aa696dfb4c1e4cc8cf33d5cabfb0d9ea4a7f29925936635b6f6078
    MD5: 43b23128a6f8508f872f199f11e99844SHA-256: 2182ab628c84f5bdcc4fff537aadd260894787a2c2a47d2501912b7190b8ea4d
    MD5: af77a0545ff330278c6cd6b02671695aSHA-256: b867d00bda0f52d6ba6a98a74f4303c0df9b4b74405e0487131fb3180ec2150e
    MD5: 749c76f4c105f7ad2b8b4599c393eb39SHA-256: 51eccf1effbf4e287e5d7d22432c5c17e94ee5b03a082e40a38811a29fffb34f
    MD5: 5a2b1bc49dc51b6e1d27418dcbdebe92SHA-256: d1d081769812ca7ff3a109144639e5f0fdfa6879354959e1a4907b21316565d1
    MD5: 4f7a36fe214d0ff3c73b03f420455451SHA-256: 3571f7067485b72a67d8de2d6f22ddc06bb8e09128047011cb1c54084eb9e6d4
    MD5: f422b78254bc9e061281b769b6257905SHA-256: 2d0fe749cbedb32b5feaa5c871bf38c6cad7f27a90cea0f8466f774974781166
    MD5: 8a4247c0b621b63656b4fdbfaf48f9e7SHA-256: ab960e297a55df5a662793af11e6b540ebab93df6c3edb32610597afbecaacc8
    MD5: 95210c17c2f0cc126b6b0756f6ca3fc3SHA-256: 22362fee3fa68b4ad59ed0a883948d5561d425b67a3396438e408c6df3bbab56
    MD5: 59411dfa22500844ee7c995cbb3e855dSHA-256: 307fc8948cbbad0548562b7dfd01c7cc976346f9974c30f63801a6ae5925f540
    MD5: 19897e4896ccdf8f527eeef81334dd86SHA-256: 2139ed1ff65db053d722c9a61c0490d5a1e3457bc05b7a746bb1e398c60786cb
    MD5: a1d083fdbe96c3a50a44317d43f16f2aSHA-256: adad2d5496b14a6310eb947e4d07eecc2f892a4c8a6223473718ad006bcc761b
    MD5: f0863b65b63e9e85f9cfc3eef3029980SHA-256: 3e1c1250766b63670687ff4ae1e8327229e82b738057bb22758544a24cdc3fc2
    MD5: 1a08ee809815b4c0e231a98deec953d0SHA-256: be88d6d1f339675e91ca18087c9af6825afbb26f9abc2570188fb715c83fe57c
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1258033 – Allow the override of pre-defined function for database connections1377433 – haproxy configuration in HA gears sets inconsistent cookie values, breaking session affinity1394328 – [RFE] EWS 2 cartridge should be able to use EWS 3 binaries.1401120 – pip permission error prevents installing on python-2.7 cartridge1401124 – oo-accept-node reports missing quota if filesystem name contains gear uuid1401132 – Moving gears with many aliases causes excessive number of apache reloads

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