Getting physically fit is a typical New Year’s resolution.

Given that most of us spend more time online than in a gym, the start of the new year also might be a great time to improve your security “fitness.” As with physical fitness challenges, the biggest issue with digital security is always stagnation.

That is, if you don’t move and don’t change, atrophy sets in.
In physical fitness, atrophy is a function of muscles not being exercised.
In digital fitness, security risks increase when you fail to change passwords, update network systems and adopt improved security technology.

Before long, your IT systems literally become a “sitting duck.” Given the volume of data breaches that occurred in 2016, it is highly likely that everyone reading this has had at least one breach of their accounts compromised in some way, such as their Yahoo data account. Hackers somewhere may have one of the passwords you’ve used at one point to access a particular site or service.
If you’re still using that same password somewhere, in a way that can connect that account to you, that’s a non-trivial risk.

Changing passwords is the first of eight security resolutions that can help to improve your online security fitness in 2017.

Click through this eWEEK slide show to discover the rest.

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