Updated heketi packages that fix several bugs and add various enhancements arenow available.
Heketi provides the Red Hat Gluster Storage volume life cycle management.
Itcreates the Red Hat Gluster Storage volumes dynamically and supports multipleRed Hat Gluster Storage clusters.The following list provides the major enhancements and bug fixes made to theHeketi component for this release:* Previously, the ‘endpoints’ and ‘service’ on the ‘projects/namespaces’ had tobe created to use Red Hat Gluster Storage persistent volumes. With this release,when the volumes are dynamically provisioned by the gluster provisioner, thesubjected ‘endpoint’ and ‘service’ are auto created and the user will be able touse these persistent volumes. (BZ#1354640)* Previously, Heketi created a 32GB volume to store the heketi db file, whichwas much more than the average requirement. With this release, the size of thevolume is been reduced to 2GB.

This does not change the volume size of existingsetups and is applicable only for new setups. (BZ#1406649)* Previously, the minimum brick size was 4GB and the minimum volume size thatcould be created was 8GB. With this release, the minimum brick size is 1GB andvolumes as small as 1GB can be created. (BZ#1406655)* This version of Heketi adds a new cli command called ‘node list’ which listsall the nodes in the clusters managed by Heketi.For example:# heketi-cli node list(BZ#1351893)
Before applying this update, make sure all previously released erratarelevant to your system have been applied.For details on how to apply this update, refer to:https://access.redhat.com/articles/11258Red Hat Gluster Storage Server 3.1 on RHEL-7

    MD5: c409e0cbff4e8612cfb3f9954347fb26SHA-256: 3aa76177f4973972cdc64cb27d84df4272c9589831ffe2124bf13949d5a2e1d7
    MD5: 6e97b41c58503069f1cf631f27068bccSHA-256: 66b1f78bfbface53371ecf59931baaf5f4c22005ca7c25dcfb0bacd7e3bec32b
    MD5: 9dbe6ae1b6725a832f7529fcee092a2bSHA-256: d8f6497cae4f3131af89170e946d4525d88cbc5e7048b1a257e6ca6fb96a52c5
    MD5: d0bfdf27773f60053109b2c0307d6a77SHA-256: cb8f322d49f38bf45a5441b36fe98ad36766895c01218b2e5f61c1953b46f895
    MD5: 0a9402e3248fbb95a9562257c5b6112dSHA-256: 6fe924437ca7bf899c49a8f9b27b0a358d43d06596de2ed7ec78ddbfac5b02f0
(The unlinked packages above are only available from the Red Hat Network)

1341141 – heketi-cli: proper error message to stdout for cluster/node/device delete1341961 – heketi server doesn’t log errors for node/device delete1346621 – topology info: “ID not found” error when running concurrently with volume creation.1346858 – 14 snapshots per volume in Aplo1351455 – heketi-cli should display help, when invoked1351535 – Need error logging on volume create failures1351646 – 404: heketi-cli cluster/device/node/volume info1351893 – [RFE] Add “node list” option in heketi-cli1354640 – [RFE] GlusterFS PV should not use Endpoints since they are per project1356437 – [RFE] – Volume Security Story – “permission denied” error for writes on app container1357686 – Heketi and GlusterFS deployment strategy needs to use Recreate not Rolling1370130 – Confusing error message when creating too small volume1392377 – when multiple pv claim request are made, heketi ends up creating more volumes than requested1395216 – ProvisioningFailed: Failed to provision volume with StorageClass “gold”: glusterfs: create volume err: failed to get hostip Id not found1395656 – One of the node in 3 node CNS system fails to respin gluster container after reboot1397361 – Heketi distgit contains broken create_tar script.1397362 – Heketi distgit contains unneeded script1397435 – [RFE] Rebase to heketi 3.1.01397793 – Wrong “image” name mentioned in glusterfs-template.json1398578 – Update the man page1398581 – gluster-template: ‘/var/lib/misc/glusterfsd/’ fs is not persisted after RHGS container restart1401594 – /sys/fs/cgroup is mounted as read write1406649 – Reduce the default size of “heketidbstorage” volume from 32GB to 2GB1406655 – reduce the min-vol size restriction to a lower value1410782 – strategy: type is seem as “Rolling” instead of “Recreate” while exporting the heketi dc1411227 – Prevent the RHGS docker image in a production setup from getting replaced with any new image with “latest” TAG pushed to the public Registry.1412281 – gluster pods loose /var/log mounts and fail to start.

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key and details on how to verify the signature are available from:

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