While security challenges often seem limitless, the resources that organizations have on hand to combat them are not.
Security firm Trustwave issued a new report on Jan. 18 looking at the state of IT resources and staffing challenges titled, “Money, Minds and the Masses.” The report is based on a survey of 147 IT security professionals, conducted by Osterman Research.

The report concluded that it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to find talented IT security staff.

Even if an organization is able to find staff, 35 percent of survey respondents indicated that retaining IT security staff is a major challenge.

The staffing issue is further complicated when existing staff lack essential skills, with 40 percent of respondents admitting their organizations have inadequate skills sets to deal with evolving and emerging security risks. When looking at potential IT staff, experience was rated as the most valuable attribute by 83 percent of respondents, outpacing certifications at 25 percent.

This slide show will cover some of important findings of the Money, Minds and the Masses report.

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