DEK: Organizations had a difficult time defending against fraud in 2016, according the latest global fraud and risk report from IT security company Kroll.

The report, which was released Jan. 17, provides insight into the state of fraud and risk incidents in 2016 based on research conducted by Forrester Consulting and responses from 545 senior executives around the world.

Among the findings in the report: 82 percent of respondents experienced a fraud incident in 2016, up from 75 percent in 2015 and 61 percent in 2012. Looking at instances of cyber-fraud specifically, one-third of respondents admitted their organization had suffered some form of virus attack in 2016, yet surprisingly, only 13 percent noted they had suffered a ransomware attack.

There are many different root causes for cyber-attacks, with software vulnerabilities the top reason cited by survey respondents. Looking a bit deeper, the survey found that ex-employees were identified as a leading cause of cyber-attack or information loss in 2016, noted by 20 percent of respondents.

This slide show examines some of the important highlights of the “Kroll Global Fraud and Risk Report 2016/17.”

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