Enlarge / You’ll no longer be able to watch Parks & Rec while doing some light virtual golfing on the same screen on the Xbox One.
Fans of multitasking on game consoles will be sad to learn that Microsoft is planning to do away with the Xbox One’s much-ballyhooed Snap mode, which lets users plant an app in a column on the edge of the screen while they’re playing a game or using another app.
This isn’t quite akin to what happened last year when Sony removed certain Vita apps because the company didn’t want to put in the effort to support underused features anymore (though that might be part of it).
Instead, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra tweeted yesterday that the removal of Snap is intended “to improve multitasking, reduce memory use, improve overall speed, and free up resources going forward for bigger things.”
That gels with what we knew about how Snap’s multitasking requirements limited what developers could do with the system. Microsoft admitted just before the Xbox One’s launch that the system reserved 10 percent of its GPU processing time for Kinect voice command processing “and for the rendering of concurrent system content such as Snap mode.”
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