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Lawyer for “inventor of e-mail” sends threat letter over social media postsShiva Ayyadurai (credit: Darlene DeVita)
Shiva Ayyadurai, the man who says he invented e-mail, has already sued two different tech publications for writing about his controversial claims. Now he also wants posts that he believes are defamatory to be removed from at least one social media network.
Charles Harder, the attorney representing Ayyadurai, sent an e-mail on Tuesday to Diaspora, an open-source social network, demanding that three allegedly defamatory posts be removed.

The posts were written by Roy Schestowitz, who also writes the blog Techrights.org.
“Schestowitz is engaged in harassment, character assassination and unlawful conduct against Dr.

Ayyadurai, including falsely accusing him of being a ‘liar’ and a ‘fraud,’” writes Harder. He continues:
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