The cartoon versions of PAX co-founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins argue over D&D. (credit: Penny Arcade)
The Penny Arcade webcomic team has operated PAX (formerly Penny Arcade Expo) since 2004, and Ars Technica covers its various events every year for a reason—they’re fun. More than that, PAX offers whatever fun you’re looking for (at least, in the games-related space). Penny Arcade writer and PAX co-founder Jerry Holkins tells Ars Technica that the expos are like a nerd “mitochondria,” with gaming subgenres (fighting, puzzles, FPSes, handheld, board gaming, and so on) existing as “organelles” that fans can flock to while attending.
PAX Unplugged, then, is the expo series’ first major mitosis.
The brand-new show will debut on November 17 and will operate for three days at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.

Tickets are not yet on sale. (Penny Arcade typically announces sale dates and times a few days in advance at PAX’s home page and this Twitter feed.) As PAX has already accommodated a major board-, card-, and tabletop-gaming audience in the past, Holkins says much of the template of what to expect has already been built by fans at more traditional PAX events. (“I’ve looked down from [PAX East]’s skybridges and seen what would be an entire convention right there, just of tabletop games!”)
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