Enlarge / Ceviche, as pictured here, is a dish served in many parts of Latin America.
It’s made of raw fish cured in citrus juices. (credit: David Silverman/Getty Images)
Days before she was set to go to trial over $12 worth of ceviche sold on Facebook, Mariza Ruelas struck a deal with the San Joaquin County district attorney.
On Friday, prosecutors in the central California county agreed to drop various misdemeanor criminal charges, including operating a food facility without a permit, if Ruelas did 80 hours of community service within a year.
She also agreed to not sell or trade food online unless she has the proper permits.
When Ars asked her how she felt on Friday afternoon, Mariza Ruelas said by phone: “Relieved, you know? It’s just like, ugh, finally it’s over.”
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