Enlarge / Demonstrators block traffic at the international arrival terminal as they protest against a Muslim immigration ban at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday. President Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday that suspends entry of all refugees for 120 days, indefinitely suspends the entries of all Syrian refugees, as well as barring entries from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering for 90 days. (credit: Stephen Lam/Getty Images)
President Donald Trump’s order Friday banning immigrants and visitors from seven Muslim nations is being met by both harsh and somber verbal resistance from top tech sector leaders—from Apple to Y Combinator.

The move was racist, affected perhaps thousands of tech workers, and was un-American, the executives said in tweets, e-mails, Facebook posts, blog posts, and in LinkedIn entries.
Steve Altman, president of the startup mentorship program Y Combinator, urged the tech sector to “take a stand” against the order that has launched a wave of chaos throughout the immigration system and prompted protests nationwide.
Altman said the executive order “is tantamount to a Muslim ban and requires objection.
I am obviously in favor of safety and rules, but broad-strokes actions targeted at a specific religious group is the wrong solution, and a first step toward a further reduction in rights.”
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