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In the wake of President Trump’s sweeping order to severely limit immigration, visitation, and refugee status for people from seven Muslim-majority countries this weekend, game developers and trade groups are scrambling to respond in ways that protect their members and project a message of inclusiveness in the gaming community.
“We embrace the fact that the passion and skill for game development knows no boundaries—political, geographic, cultural, or demographic,” the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) said in a statement. “Thus to restrict immigration on the basis of an individual’s state of origin represents an ignorant knee-jerk [reaction] that assumes only the worst and wrongly stereotypes the people of an entire culture. We stand in absolute opposition to any policy in any government that would seek to unduly restrict an individual’s ability to pursue their creative passion and chosen career path in game development.”
The Entertainment Software Association, which represents most major game publishers in the United States, was a little more circumspect in its criticism of Trump’s order, saying, “The Entertainment Software Association urges the White House to exercise caution with regard to vital immigration and foreign worker programs.

As a leading force in technology and exporter of entertainment, the US video game industry thrives on the contributions of innovators and storytellers from around the world. While recognizing that enhancing national security and protecting our country’s citizens are critical goals, our companies rely on the skilled talent of US citizens, foreign nationals, and immigrants alike. Our nation’s actions and words should support their participation in the American economy.”
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