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A lawyer representing artificial intelligence startup Loop AI Labs in a trade secrets dispute will have to pay $250 for allegedly throwing an iced coffee at opposing counsel during a deposition.
The order by Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu, reported Friday by The Recorder, requires Loop’s lawyer, Valeria Calafiore Healy, to pay $250 to opposing counsel as damages. “Three eyewitnesses agree (i.e., everyone except Healy) that Healy used expletives, then threw a cup of coffee in [Almaware attorney Thomas] Wallerstein’s direction, splattering its contents on his clothes and belongings,” Ryu wrote in her order (PDF).
As to possible further sanctions, Ryu says she’ll defer to the district judge overseeing the case, “who will be undertaking a broad assessment of Healy’s conduct in the context of his order to show cause regarding terminating sanctions.”
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