There will be many obstacles on the way to the promised single cable type USB-C utopia: new standards that aren’t backwards compatible; USB-C sockets that outwardly look the same, but aren’t functionally the same; and, of course, dodgy USB-C cables that can fry your exceedingly expensive Chromebook Pixel or MacBook laptop. In the mean time, might I recommend a healthy dose of vigilance, some branded USB-C cables and chargers, and if you’re feeling fancy, perhaps a USB-C power meter?
Satechi, which makes a range of reasonably well-reviewed USB cables, hubs, and peripherals, has just released a USB-C power meter ($30, or about £35 delivered to the UK).

There are lots of good USB power meters on the market for older USB sockets and standards, but this appears to be the first true USB-C meter (earlier meters aren’t rated to the full 5A/20V requirements of USB Power Delivery 2.0).
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