Enlarge / Preliminary version of AT&T’s Project AirGig antennas. (credit: AT&T)
AT&T says it is “in advanced discussions” with power companies to start trials of a new broadband technology in at least two locations by this fall.
This is an update on the Project AirGig that AT&T announced in September 2016.

AirGig is a wireless technology even though it depends on the presence of power lines.

Antennas that are placed on utility poles send wireless signals to each other; AT&T says the power lines “serve as a guide for the signals,” ensuring they reach their destination.

AT&T says the wireless signals could be used to deliver multi-gigabit Internet speeds for either smartphone data or home Internet service.
Trial locations have not yet been announced, but today’s announcement says, “One location will be in the United States with others to be determined in the coming months.” There’s also no word on when commercial deployment might begin, but AT&T seems to be excited about the project.
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