Enlarge / Look, Sasquatch is real, okay? Here’s a picture of him, working in his current gig for Jack Link’s jerky.

Case closed. (credit: Dave Mangels / Getty)
Washington State loves its official symbols.
It has a state grass (bluebunch wheatgrass), a state song (“Washington, My Home”), a state gem (petrified wood), a state dance (the square dance), a state fossil (Columbian mammoth), and even a state tartan.

But it doesn’t have a state cryptid.
And that’s a shame because, as all loyal Ars readers know, we love cryptids (and their gravesites), even if the subject does lead to occasional dubious claims.
So imagine our delight at finding out that Washington state might soon elevate the “Forest Yeti” to a noble place in its pantheon of official state symbols.
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