SAN FRANCISCO—For many games fans, Nintendo has plenty to prove with its Switch console.

The biggest issue, arguably, is the flow of new content.

The Wii U stopped receiving games much too quickly from first- and third-party creators.

That followed more than a decade of pitiful third-party support for other Nintendo systems.
Executives are insisting—yet again—that this time, Nintendo has got it right.

But so far, we’ve mostly heard about Wii U ports and a spread-thin release schedule.

Are we already back to déja vú before the new console is even out?
Don’t cancel your pre-order yet.
In at least one major category, Nintendo just might be getting its act together—and in a giant surprise for longtime Nintendo fans, the company’s most promising initiative, and one poised to capitalize on the Switch’s strengths, appears to be coming almost entirely from its North American office.
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