Enlarge (credit: YouTube, Casey Neistat)
At the end of 2016, CNN purchased YouTube celeb Casey Neistat’s company Beme for a reported $25 million.

At the time, plans on how to integrate Neistat and Beme with the news company were vague, but now it’s becoming a little less vague thanks to an interview Neistat did with The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the interview, Neistat wants to make his own news network, and will start by creating a new YouTube channel where he will host a daily news show.

The channel has yet to be named, but is slated to launch sometime in March.
“I want to build a news company.
It’s going to be video exclusive,” Neistat told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s going to be done in a way that penetrates the thick, strong, solid-steel bullshit shield that this generation cautiously holds up in between them and everything being thrown at them. We want to push that aside by speaking to them frankly and by having it be something that’s extraordinarily transparent.”

This builds upon the notion that Neistat brought up in a New York Times interview that he believes his YouTube audience, largely composed of millennials and young people, don’t trust the media in the same way that other generations do. He goes on to describe a very YouTube-like approach to media and news delivery.
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