This article is part of a weekly series where I’ll create new projects using Raspberry Pi 3.

The first article of the series focusses on getting you started and will cover the installation of Raspbian, with PIXEL desktop, setting up networking and some basics.What you need:

A Raspberry Pi 3
A 5v 2mAh power supply with mini USB pin
Micro SD card with at least 8GB capacity
Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable
Heat sink
Keyboard and mouse
a PC monitor
A Mac or PC to prepare microSD card.

There are many Linux-based operating systems available for Raspberry Pi that you can install directly, but if you’re new to the Pi, I suggest NOOBS, the official OS installer for Raspberry Pi that simplifies the process of installing an OS on the device.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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