Enlarge / Sid Meier (left) and Bruce Shelley appeared at GDC 2017 to reflect on the very first Civilization video game. (credit: Sam Machkovech)
SAN FRANCISCO—”Let’s go back in time to 1990,” game developer Sid Meier said to a Thursday crowd at the annual Game Developers Conference. “Back when there was no Civilization.”
Meier’s silly double entendre framed a “post-mortem” look at the origins and lessons learned from the landmark PC game. With the help of producer and developing partner Bruce Shelley, the hour-long conversation was marked by equal parts history, depth, and humor—which seemed appropriate, considering the game in question juggled the same three elements so elegantly back in 1991.
A children’s-history take on Genghis Khan
Development on Civilization began after the completion of Railroad Tycoon, during the development of Covert Action, and with the momentum of Pirates!, “one of the first open-world games.” All those games put wind into the duo’s PC game-making sails. “We were young and audacious,” Meier says. “It was a time where we thought we could do anything, so, sure, let’s take on ‘civilization.'”
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