Enlarge / Any Switch units you ship to stores at this point will fly off their shelves as fast as these demo units Nintendo showed off in January.
The Switch has been on the market for just over four days, and the headlines are blaring about what has undoubtedly been a successful launch for Nintendo’s newest hardware.

The Switch had the best initial two-day sales of any Nintendo console in North America, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told a New York Times reporter.

The same is true in Europe, where Nintendo of Europe announced via press release that the system had “sold more in its launch weekend than any other Nintendo hardware in history.”
More discrete country-specific numbers also look strong for the Switch right out of the gate.
In Japan, the system has sold just over 330,000 units in three days, according to Famitsu, only slightly less than the ultra-successful Wii did at its launch.

GamesIndustry.biz reports the Switch sold 80,000 units in a single day across the UK, while in France, the system has already sold 105,000 units, making it the best-selling console launch of all time in that country, according to Le Figaro.
No matter how you slice it, this sales strength out of the gate is a good sign for Nintendo, which is still struggling to regain its financial footing after the Wii U faltered in the marketplace.

At the same time, we should be careful not to assume that a successful launch will mean long-term success for the Switch.
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