Enlarge / Forget Wii Fit.

At Ars Technica, we’re Switch Swole.
We’ve tested the Nintendo Switch on planes. We’ve Switched at bars. We’ve Switched in beds, on couches, at coffee shops, and, yes, in bathrooms. (Don’t judge. Once you get hooked on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you too will come up with excuses for why you couldn’t put your incredibly portable game system down for a few minutes.)
Having tested Nintendo’s new home-portable hybrid system in all kinds of situations, I got one idea that I was surprised I hadn’t seen other gaming and Nintendo fans suggest: the gym.

For years, gaming and fitness have eyed each other coyly, with Wii Fit in particular sparking an obnoxious trend of bulky, workout-minded kits for game systems.

This trend has mostly fallen by the wayside, and I remember it less-than-fondly every time I notice an old EA Sports Active 2 bundle buried in my pile of old-tech boxes.
I’ve always been more interested in the stories of gamers who attach traditional games to their fitness regimens, like World of Warcraft rigs slapped onto treadmills. Yet these have also seemed less than ideal. How are you supposed to walk even slightly fast—let alone jog—while managing a mouse and keyboard rig?
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