Enlarge / Verizon’s FiOS mobile app. (credit: Verizon)
Just a few weeks after escaping a net neutrality investigation into data cap exemptions, Verizon has decided to let its FiOS mobile video stream on its wireless network without counting against data caps.
Customers who have Verizon FiOS TV at home and a Verizon Wireless smartphone plan can watch TV outside their homes without using up the data allotments on limited mobile plans, the company announced today. Just two months ago, the Federal Communications Commission accused Verizon Wireless of violating net neutrality rules by letting its Go90 video service stream without counting against customers’ data caps as the company charged other video providers for the same data cap exemptions (also known as “zero-rating”).

But the FCC’s new Republican leadership rescinded that claim and ended the investigation last month, giving carriers the green light to expand data cap exemptions.
Verizon’s Go90 mobile video service hasn’t been a smashing success, and 155 employees were reportedly laid off as a result in January.

But Verizon has 4.7 million FiOS TV subscribers, and the data cap exemptions might make them more likely to pay for Verizon’s mobile service as well.
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