Enlarge / Two of our favorite Belters, Drummer (played by Cara Gee) and Anderson Dawes (played by Jared Harris). (credit: Shane Mahood/Syfy)
Welcome to week six of Decrypted: The Expanse.

This week’s episode began with a rather tranquil-looking scene of red snowflakes settling in the weak gravity of one of Jupiter’s moons.

But looks are deceiving; that “snow” is actually a fine spray of blood leaking from Bobbie Draper’s power armor. With one of Ganymede’s orbital mirrors out of commission and heavy damage to some of the domes, the breadbasket of the outer planets is in real trouble.

But here’s a question for the scientists: Would a fine spray of blood really form little red snowflakes in the cold vacuum of space?
Draper is all that’s left of her team, and the only remaining eyewitness to the battle on Ganymede. With the aid of memory-enhancing drugs she’s able to reconstruct the chain of events, but the Martian brass don’t seem interested in hearing about the seventh man she saw before passing out.
On Earth, Errinwright is still spoiling for a fight with Mars, but Avasarala has the upper hand. Rather than a solar system-wide war, she proposes a peace summit.

The crew of the Roci is helping out with refugees on Tycho Station, but Amos is rattled when he realizes the rest of the crew have something he can’t find—a sense of empathy. He goes to find Cortazar, the Protogen scientist, who gives him a psychopathic pep talk.
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