The BBC reports that the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ crowdfunding project has been suspended by Indiegogo.

The project raised well over $500,000 from thousands of backers—but they are still waiting for their devices to arrive, despite a planned shipping date of September 2016.
In a curious twist, Retro Computers Limited (RCL), the company behind the Vega+, asked the BBC to refrain from publishing its story.
“Following a credible threat of violence against personnel of Retro Computers Limited, including threats made as recently as last night, we asked Leo Kelion [BBC’s tech editor] and the BBC to refrain from publishing a story we believe to be factually inaccurate and might put people at risk of physical harm, alarm and distress,” RCL founder David Levy said in a statement. “Since December 2016 the BBC have formally been on notice that this is a police matter, and we ask that the BBC and Mr Kelion do not compromise the police investigation.”
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