Enlarge / Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the SXSW Conference at the Austin Convention Center on March 12, 2017 in Austin, Texas. (credit: Getty Images / Jim Bennett)
AUSTIN, Texas—Former Vice President Joe Biden continued the recent South By Southwest tradition of politicians taking the keynote stage to speak on a particular initiative. Unlike Barack Obama’s address last year, which revolved around the major infosec news of the moment, Biden focused his Sunday speech on his “cancer moonshot” initiative.
His return to the term “moonshot” immediately made one Ars staffer queasy, but the address also echoed a theme that is common at this year’s festival: data transparency, especially for digital interactions between, and within, government agencies and the private sector.
A lousy way to share CAT scans
Biden’s call was certainly not a government-wide, “open all the data” shout.
Instead, he focused on the myriad ways that medical and hospital data is shared—or, in his opinion, not shared enough.
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