Enlarge / A combination of pictures taken in Jerusalem on March 13, 2017, shows the logos of US computer chip giant Intel (top) and Israeli car tech firm Mobileye.
Intel will buy Mobileye for more than $15 billion (14 billion euros), the companies said, in a deal signaling the US computer chip giant’s commitment to technology for self-driving vehicles. (credit: Thomas Coex | Getty )
On Monday, Intel announced that it will purchase the Israeli automotive technology company Mobileye in a deal worth $15.3 billion.

Currently, Mobileye’s computer vision systems underpin the advanced driver assists present in many new vehicles across a wide range of brands. Once the deal finalizes, Intel’s Automated Driving Group will be integrated into Mobileye and run from Israel. Mobileye’s co-founder, chairman, and CTO, Professor Amnon Shashua, will head things up.
In a statement, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich wrote the following:
Intel provides critical foundational technologies for autonomous driving, including plotting the car’s path and making real-time driving decisions. Mobileye brings the industry’s best automotive-grade computer vision and strong momentum with automakers and suppliers.

Together, we can accelerate the future of autonomous driving with improved performance in a cloud-to-car solution at a lower cost for automakers.
Mobileye and Intel are no strangers.
In July 2016, the two companies revealed they are working with BMW to launch an autonomous vehicle called the iNEXT in 2021.
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